• Image of Groan - The Divine Right of Kings (LP)

Groan's second album, The Divine Right of Kings, on heavyweight 180g black vinyl. EXTREMELY LIMITED!

Artwork by W. Ralph Walters. Inner sleeve features spirit board artwork exclusive to vinyl.

"There's a sense of groove and swagger to every one of the 10 tracks on offer: a real party album" - Terrorizer

"Reminiscent of Cathedral at their most unabashedly rocking... infectious and fist-pumpingly dopey... It’s an easy record to be excited about and I can’t think of a reason not to be. Recommended." - The Obelisk

"Have you ever been driving down the road and just needed to bang your head endlessly? Well, the new Groan album will have you doing that no questions asked! Fucking fun!" - Destructive Music 9/10

"Awesome record with kind of a "party hard, drink until you drop and don't give a fuck"-vibe!" - Lords of Metal 80/100

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Release date: October 26th 2012

Soulseller Records (SSR053LP)